Four years ago, I quit a job at a private equity firm in New York City to follow my dream of being an entrepreneur. It was a jagged path but I ended up in Colorado, creating a business that connects entrepreneurs, investors, ideas, and resources within the cannabis industry.

I’ve decided to rename and rebrand my business for a number of reasons, but mainly, to honor the transitions that have occurred since I worked with my first client in 2013.

The word Diagon is drawn from the theory of the sacred geometry and alludes to the joining of two non-consecutive vertices. I am inspired by the opportunities that arise when we go off the “straight and narrow “ path and let the dots connect how they may. The Diagon logo is inspired by the Eye of God— a symbol in Huichol mythology that represents the power to see and understand things unknown to the physical eye.

I’ll be unveiling a number of new projects in the coming months, so it’s also great timing for a new amulet.

Thanks for your support and sharing in the vision!


P.S. All old URLS and email addresses will forward automatically.