The old way of doing things is not the best way of doing things. We work with entrepreneurs, business owners, and investors who believe in challenging established thinking and creating businesses that push society forward.


We’re driven by curiosity and thrive on the energy around early phase business development. We specialize in building financial models, creating investment narratives, and designing strategies for mindful, and effective capital raising. 

We believe the intersection between human empathy and free market forces is powerful. It is within this intersection that we will create new industries, spur economic growth, and shift how wealth is distributed across the world.
We believe we should address social and political crises by changing our paradigm for wealth and resources.

We operate with a principle of abundance. More for you does not mean less for me.

We believe in creating and supporting new businesses that will stimulate local economies, create new jobs, and raise the standard of living across the United States and the world.

We believe that human capital is evenly distributed, but wealth is not. Shifting resources to early stage entrepreneurs is the most powerful way to create change.

Emily Fata, Founder.

Emily has worked as a bridge between entrepreneurs and investors in the cannabis industry since 2013. She approaches projects with a deep sense of curiosity and intuitively transforms data and financial projections into stories. Inspired by her travels and study of yoga, she is passionate about infusing mindfulness into the capital raising process and helping entrepreneurs convey their vision in a way that will attract aligned investors.

Emily has assisted a number of companies in Colorado, Washington, Nevada, Illinois, Florida, Oregon, New Mexico, Massachusetts, Michigan, Rhode Island, and California raise capital and successfully apply for state cultivation and dispensary licenses. She began her career as an analyst at Fundamental Advisors, a private equity firm in New York City. She graduated magna cum laude from New York University with a concentration in International Relations and Economics.